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Our Lady of Hope Church

Celebrating our 45th Anniversary. Click here

9711 West Devon Avenue
Rosemont, Illinois  60018
(847) 825-HOPE             Fax: (847) 825-4631


  Rev. William D. Mannion, Pastor  FRMANNIONOLH@AOL.COM
  Rev. Thomas Schwab, Pastor Emeritus FRTOMOLH@AOL.COM
  Deacon James J. Ernst JJERNSTOLH@AOL.COM
  Mary Wyatt, Religious Education MWYATTOLH@AOL.COM
  Geriann Gentile, Business Manager GERIANNOLH@AOL.COM
  Pauline Grigelaitis, Music Minister PGRIGELAITISOLH@AOL.COM

For Directions to the Church click on Mass Schedule


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